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Race: The Power of Illusion

Race: The Power of Illusion

Check out the first part of this film series sponsored by the Democracy Commitment.

Once a Day

Make it a practice to help one person every day. 

This is an easy and gratifying exercise that, with very little practice, can become a natural part of your daily routine. Whether you help by holding the elevator, dropping a dollar into a homeless person’s hand, or pitching in to help with a loved one’s chore, notice how this makes you feel. Positive psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky has shown that people who perform acts of kindness (five acts on a single day each week) tend to feel happier after six weeks.

Fantasize about that tropical May heat and sign up for volunteering in May ;)

The Get Rooted in Cumberland Program is seeking volunteers and participants for a community tree planting in Cumberland’s North End the morning of Saturday May 17th, 2014. Volunteers are needed for both physical and non-physical tasks, including: planting trees, taking pictures, and manning the meet-up location. Specifically there is a need for 4-6 individuals interested in supervising small groups of tree planters.  Training will occur on site the day of the planting and all materials will be provided.  Time TBA. Homeowners in the area between Frederick Street and Piedmont Avenue, and Mechanic Street to the City limits are eligible to receive a free yard tree. Visit and fill out the form to register as a volunteer and/or sign up to receive a tree. Supplies are limited, so act soon!. If you have any questions about the Get Rooted program or the tree planting please contact Raquel Ketterman at or 301-759-6604.

Book Drive

Book Drive

Share the Joy and Donate a Children’s book to Wiley Ford Primary.

Contest Winner announced!

Many of you may remember the writing contest the Volunteer Center held in honor of Make a Difference Day. We’ve finally read through the many fabulous entries, and while it was hard to make a decision, we chose Debbie A. Phillips’s piece on volunteerism because it underlined something we should all strive for, lifetime service to our community. Congratulations, Debbie!



         Many people claim to not have the time or energy to volunteer. Many won’t do a task if money is not involved.  When I was a teen in the 70′s, I was a “Candy Striper” at Memorial Hospital. It was there that I learned that when illness is involved, there is no distinction between people, that we are all the same. While a volunteer at the American Red Cross in Quantico, Virginia, our office and an office in another country helped to find a young Marine’s wife who was involved in a natural disaster. Thankfully she was fine, and as a thank you, I received a small Bible. I still have it today. Also while working at the American Red Cross in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, our office was involved with birth and death notifications. At that time Desert Shield and Desert Storm were going on, and we had many parents and wives calling to see where their loved ones were and if they were safe.  This was difficult because the details of the war were confidential and we had no way to get the information. Volunteering is rewarding but not always a happy thing to do. Several years ago my church volunteered to clean up Maryland Avenue and redecorate the nursery at the Woman’s Shelter. That was needed and very appreciated. There are always ways to volunteer in your community. The world would be a better place if we all volunteered once a month. Pick up trash, plant flowers, pull weeds, be an asset to another human being. Be available to make a difference . Right now in Cumberland the family and friends of Lisa Simmons are asking everyone to come out and join the sweep to find her. The coroner for Cumberland has confirmed that Lisa Simmons was murdered on September 5th. Unfortunately, exhaustive sweeps of the area have failed to locate her body. As a member of someone’s family, we should all do what we can for the good of our community. Please help find Lisa’s body to bring closure to her family. 

HomeGround’s Computer Science Internship/Volunteering Opportunity

Website Development Internship


Home Ground is seeking a part-time intern to assist with website management and updates for Home Ground’s website.  The intern will work up to 8 hours per month for the duration of the semester, with a flexible schedule to be mutually agreed upon by the intern and supervisor.  The intern will be supervised by volunteer coordinator Desiree Bullard.  

Home Ground will provide the resources necessary to complete the duties listed below, as well as guidance and support for the intern. This internship will provide a motivated and tech-savvy student with entry-level experience under professional supervision. The website intern will have the opportunity to exercise and develop creative and technical skills and workplace conduct, as well as gain a familiarity with website management and maintenance for a non-profit organization. Upon satisfactory completion of each semester, the intern will receive a $100 stipend.

Intern Duties

  1. Update website content as needed, including the addition of Board Member photos
  2. Manage and further develop events page, past, future and current
  3. Develop a more interactive website
  4. Link website and newsletter and set up feature to archive newsletters



Intern Requirements

r  Commitment to Home Ground’s mission, and interest in non-profit or organizational administration.

r  Tech-savvy high school or college student with an interest in website development.

r  Computing skills and some experience with website development/management required.  Website training will be provided.

r  Good attention to detail.

r  Reliable and organized, ability to work independently when needed.

r  It is preferred that the intern provide own transportation to office location in Cumberland.


For more information contact Desiree Bullard at 240-522-8413 or email


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