How to Get Involved


ACM Student Guide to Connecting to a Service Learning or Civic Engagement Community Placement Opportunity

3 Easy Steps

Step 1 Read the SL/CE Handbook:  This handbook gives you access to the information you will need to get started, including community partner information, forms, and general service-learning information. It can be accessed ACM Student Service Opportunity Handbook- word. (If you are completing this service opportunity for a class assignment, please work with your teacher to make sure it fulfills what is expected in the course.)

Step 2 Select and Contact an Organization in the Service Opportunity Handbook:  Using the guidelines provided by your instructor, review the list of community partners and select a potential partner that meets your instructor’s requirements and looks interesting to you. Call the organization you are interested in and discuss with the volunteer coordinator the available service options (see page 5.)  Tell the volunteer coordinator what course you are taking and what your academic requirements and required hours are.

  • Find assignments that meet the course and instructor’s requirements.
  • Determine if transportation is available and / or driving distance is acceptable.
  • See if the hours of operation to perform the assignment fits your school/work schedule.

Note: Please do not choose a community partnership site that is not in the directory.  If you would like the staff to explore adding a new partner, please contact Or if there is information that needs updated in the directory please email us to let us know.

Step 3Complete and Turn in the Three Service-Learning forms:

DUE before the beginning of your placement: 

  1. ACM Student Contract Liability Form (Click on link to download, complete, and submit form

Once your placement has been confirmed with a partnership site, complete the Contract and Liability Waiver and obtain the signatures of the site supervisor and your course instructor.  You are not authorized to begin your service hours until this form has been submitted.  Submit the form to the SL/CE Center – Room H11a in the Humanities Building or email to Report any problems to SL/CE as soon as possible, so that we may assist you.

DUE before the end of the semester: 

2.  ACM Service Time-Log-Eval Form (Click on link to download form. Keep your form updated and complete before the end of the semester and submit it to

Complete the required form with days and times spent on site.  When finished, give the form to the partnership site supervisor so that he/she can fill in the evaluation.

 3. ACM Student Post Service Feedback Form – Due at end of placement. (Click on link to download form. Complete before the end of the semester and submit it to

 Submit all forms to the SL/CE Center – before the end of the semester – unless otherwise indicated by your instructor. You can email them to or drop off in the Cumberland Campus Allegany College of Maryland Humanities Building – H11a.

Please contact us if you need more information.   (Mike and Diane)



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